On June 1st, a new song by Alan Murín was released, which is available on all streaming platforms and calls for living in the present moment with a characteristic message. Alan points out the harmony of love and ideals, patience and passion, as well as openness towards finding a kindred soul in it. He’s not afraid to probe with openended questions and once again offers more of himself to the listeners.

“In my opinion, I’ve fallen into the same pit so many times. It always took something away, but gave more. Therefore, I believe the good stayed within us, life indeed offers so much beauty..”

The artist is thrilled about the entire production of the song & music video, and for this reason, he called on his fans to express their opinions: “I’m truly excited about this song and music video, so I’m very curious about what you will say.”

Fans’ reactions did not wait long, and comments such as the following immediately started appearing under the music video:

  • “You’re singing from my soul”
  • “Goosebumps”
  • “A song with head, heel, and most importantly, heart!
  • “Unbelievable, how the song describes exactly what’s on my mind”..

From Alan, we learn about his understanding of love from his point of view, thoughts about eternity, and his unique attitude towards disappointments. Peter Balent, who has been collaborating with the artist for a long time, took care of the visual aspect and is therefore able to effectively translate his muses & fantasies into a quality audiovisual experience.