Slovak singer, songwriter, and producer Alan Murin has decided to kick off spring with a song that will not easily leave your head. Its melody and lyrics reflect thoughts and feelings about someone he can’t stop thinking about. The catchy dance melody of the new song “Dokola” is also mirrored in its music video.

“The song is about how I can’t stop thinking about a young lady. When I met her again after some time, I realized I still hadn’t gotten over my feelings. I can’t stop thinking about her, and the melody about her keeps playing on repeat in my head,” said Alan Murin about his new song “Dokola.” It was created over the past year and is entirely his own creation.

The music video was shot at Venice Beach in the United States. In the scenes, you can see Alan riding on a carousel, which visually supports the lyrics of “Dokola” that it’s the same as with thoughts about someone else—you can’t get off this carousel. The song itself has a very catchy melody and lyrics. It might happen that after listening to it, you won’t be able to get it out of your head for a few hours or days. Whether someone is recovering from a breakup or has met someone special, this song will certainly resonate with them.

Can a Relationship Have Its Own Melody

Alan Murin released his first international single “Still Love You” a month ago, which has found its place not only on Slovak and Czech radios but also in radios in Belgium, Canada, and Romania. His second release this year, again in Slovak, is also a milestone in his career. “‘Dokola’ starts a new era in my music production. It is a new stage of sound that fans will receive from me,” Alan revealed. He has started working with genres he hasn’t worked with in the past and is paying more attention to production. “‘Dokola’ is a turning point between the work before this song and after. What follows, let yourself be surprised,” he added in conclusion.


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