Bratislava, October 23, 1998. Although he was not born into an artistic family, he found his path to art rather quickly. From a young age, he was inclined towards music and musical instruments, striving to find his inner voice through artistic expression.
At the age of 15, he chose a musical path and started to work hard on his talent. The young Bratislavan set a specific goal and knew that music was what he wanted to devote his future to. He started writing lyrics, creating recordings, or recording thoughts, which later led to the creation of demo songs under the pseudonym “Sane”.

After finishing high school, he decided to continue his studies at a university in London, focusing on music production and sound engineering. After completing his studies at Point Black Music School, he wanted to apply his knowledge into practice. Therefore, he decided to fulfill a big dream and embarked on a working trip to Los Angeles, which brought him a collaboration with the local rapper Raunii.

Alan Murin - Edison ParkIn 2019, Alan signed a distribution contract with the production house Universal, under which he released 3 EPs, 7 Slovak and 2 English singles.

However, his ambitions were increasingly leaning towards the environment of independence, so he decided to end the contract and started producing music under his own publishing house, TRUESELF. New experiences also brought new business contacts & offers, on which Alan Murin builds his own music productions. His collaboration with the distributor Ruka Hore is currently opening the gates of Slovak music wide for him and allows him to regularly collaborate with leading interpreters.


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