In May of this year, Alan’s new song titled “Human” was released, which instantly won fans across the country. Almost immediately, it started trending and began to arouse interest among listeners of various genres. So, the question is, what is the story behind it?

“Now I let go of all the pain, all the bad, and I release thoughts about every sin.”

The message of the song is to point out both the good and bad aspects of human existence. Alan humbly analyzes the fallibility and ingenuity of higher goals and tries to bring his view on dealing with life’s trials closer to his listeners. He leads rhetorical questions and delves into a deeper understanding of his own existence.

“Today I’m not so afraid anymore, because I know that it’s not at all rare. And by no means sinful. I always find my way back when I listen to him faithfully..”

Apart from the precise content of the song, he also put emphasis on the visual aspect of his work. Peter Pupik is responsible for the concept and setting, while the camera was handled by Marko Sewerovsky, who refined the directorial visions and portrayed the message of the song in complex resolution. The design and production of the costume visual was overseen by Natália Šmátralová. The shooting location was situated in a building in the style of Viennese Secession, which underlined the significant values of the clip.

The video presents Alan as a speaker, who contemplates existential questions and by addressing personal identities, expresses the fragility of human perception.


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